Training A French Mastiff Puppy

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I like wild alaskan salmon oil. Andersen ross/digital vision/getty images. I go to school during the day but my dad could let it outside while i'm gone in our fenced in yard. That is the only place that she has always pooped under. To train ‘leave it,’ you’ll need treats, time, and patience. First let me say, you may be the only owner of a hound dog to ask that question. Again, thanks for allowing me to share my 2 cents worth.

training a french mastiff puppy
training a french mastiff puppy

They would die of premature death like all captive orcas. The medication on the collar may require body oils to distribute. The croup is medium long, sloping gradually. The world from a dog perspective and in their minds what. What are the differences between males and females. Ancient humans had food and shelter to share with the kinder wolves, and weapons and cunning to fight the more aggressive ones. Do you use gas-x to tame your dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

training a french mastiff puppy
training a french mastiff puppy

You may opt to trim dark nails more frequently, only taking a small amount each time. My older dog sleeps all night,no problems. As previously stated, the english springer spaniel is a highly intelligent breed and needs to be continuously entertained. Owner tom mancuso reminds clients that this method is much gentler than tugging on a leash. These energies meet in the middle of our beings and entwine together in harmony to nourish our life force. Go on and let your dog out of this horrible habit. This is a step-by-step guide for controlling fall hazards on your jobsite.

training a french mastiff puppy
training a french mastiff puppy

I want to leave feedback following completion of my nvq in customer services level 2. Have almond shaped eyes and come in colors of blue, blue mottled, blue speckled. Seriously wrestlers stay away from the soda and juice. (a) public streets, highways, walkways, public buildings, public facilities and services, and other public places;. " in both examples it's the release of the choke chain, or allowing the dog to get up after pinning. If you are training her to leave a ball, one thing i do with the dogs in my class is to have somebody bounce a tennis ball in the middle while owners walk by. There are a number of reasons why your dog growls.   she, herself, is not a threat to anyone's. This theory comes from the concept that licking feels good, and raises endorphin levels. Temperament: the japanese spitz gets along well with children and other pets.

training a french mastiff puppy
training a french mastiff puppy

Here are a few conclusions they came to in a recent review of what happens when people train for strength and endurance at the same time:. Reward the animal for its quiet time and do not respond to. Then get a hunting dog like a beagle or a nova scotia duck tolling retriever. They tend to be a bit willful. Maximum height of the westie is 11 inches, while that of jack russell terriers is 15 inches. That can guide you in helping your racer be the most comfortable. Not feed your pet after 8:00 pm the night before surgery, water is ok. Of course, i remember the houses i've lived in. Those who prefer a more vapid and cuddly type of canine.

training a french mastiff puppy
training a french mastiff puppy

With herbie and a female herbie you might get more herbies thatn you counted on. What i did was buy a pair of super cheap plastic flip flops, wear them on my feet for a little while and then gave them to the dog and he started chewing those instead of my own feet. I never experienced parvo before and i live in a town with no 24 hour vet. It is important to note that heel spurs may cause no symptoms at all and may be incidentally discovered during x-ray exams taken for other purposes. For these dogs to be able to locate all types and ages of human remains, it’s imperative that handlers use an assortment of training aids to expose the dogs to as many kinds and stages of decomposition as possible. If you go to a natural herbs store, these things would be on your list of things you can do to ease your dog's itching and health. As cross breeds are usually susceptible to illness it’s worth taking time to compare dog insurance deals to ensure any excessive vet bills are covered. Step #1 - wait for your dog to start barking or ring the doorbell to get him to bark. The australian cattle dog and border collie are both considered extremely intelligent canines. Ox people can also get very frustrated with people who do not work as hard as them.

You should not use any chemicals on pregnant or nursing mothers, as this could harm the puppies or newborn litter. At the very moment the dog offers that behavior, they are rewarded with interaction with the handler, by way of giving of a treat or by playing with toy, as well as lots of touch and verbal praise. Give both physical and mental training. Share your experiences and thoughts below. Convincing a man he is submissive.   my other thought is maybe dairy. Please note that these posts are written by a dog lover learning more every day and happy to share. Every puppy and dog are not the same.

He'll come around in a few days. She plays well with most dogs her size or smaller. When selecting your bulldog puppy, bear in mind several important factors about the breed. She knows better and i spend all day taking her out, praising her for going. Congratulations on rescuing a dog. From raising a puppy or selecting a trailing dog through basic training. I only did it one-time, that's all it took.

Will there be people willing to pay more. In that case, indifference to tennis balls at home, where there weren’t other dogs, would probably not change her behavior at the park one bit. Especially when the cause seems to be a puppy that won’t pee outside. I would recommend doing plenty of research even meeting a few bull terriers before getting one and if you have the chance to walk one because they are very strong and can pull you around. Slowly empty the bulb and let the bunny remain on her back for at least 30 seconds, to allow the liquid to travel up the tract a bit. In the months that followed, lieutenant hierl earned third platoon’s quiet respect.

You can consult for more detail. They get personalized attention, and treats—if you allow them. The above definitions are from the webster’s student dictionary (barns and noble exclusive edition) 1999. Limited slip (martingale) collars for dogs. Combine vinegar, warm water, some iodine, and anti-fungal shampoo. You should immediately contact a vet in such a case. Of such awareness is risky and could be downright dangerous.

Also-- i wouldn't recommend using another language if you are not comfortable. If you think your dog is barking just to get something from you, (and not because there's a possible danger that you're not aware of), then you can completely ignore him - even walking away or removing him to another room/area if necessary. , that is, we are using a counterclockwise. In the syntax of english and other modern european languages, such as dutch, french, german or italian, the two most important structures are almost certainly. We know the needs of a new puppy can be great, and that doesn't always coincide with your life's schedule. For many pets that are closely bonded to their owners, being alone can be traumatic and result in some difficult behavior. To reduce pet overpopulation, particularly pit bulls, through spay/neuter intervention.

A while after defeating whiplash, tony stripped the war machine armor of everything that justin hammer had "upgraded" it with leaving the suit with only the weaponry that stark put in it. Oh the things i have to look forward to when i start going farther and farther. - are we in sauna.   we have provided the best dog shock collars in terms of use, attributes and also  price that we could find but the range is still vast. However, i recently stumbled upon a way to train my dog to use one area of the yard. In particular, they believe he needed help acquiring weapons, reports. Watch where he’s digging and what he does. Again to the beauty of a life in him. S/he has no warren in which.

By the same token, if you give the dog a command and he does not obey, you can always get the compliance that you require if the halter and leash is attached. When he understands this you can give him a bone in the house and walk with him to the door saying ‘outside’ the whole time. Weensta,dexter was 5 months when he came to us so i didn't have this really draining puppy biting stage. Pet parents will have lots of opportunity to observe and ask questions. “i did this,” is far stronger, and indicative of personal responsibility, than “this thing happened. I'll just have to be on puppy duty and soothe him if he does start crying again. Here are some excellent articles explaining the.   i am taller than my foster sister who is 1. My puppy sleeps in the kitchen and has started scratching in just 1 place to were now there is a huge hole. The largest mix will be the chihuahua and the bull terrier mix.

However, i have seen many normal shih tzu deliveries in which this sac does not appear. A lounger dog bed has deep bolstered sides. However, views on who should be licensed were divided. The system is so effective i literally can’t wait to keep training him each day. Knowing that his suspicions about the place are correct because of her presence, bayman fights and defeats christie.

Sarah does not know why oscai was present, as he did not have a meeting with sosh-lightsy at that time, and believes that he followed her.  the trains can easily be damaged. Shell play and play with the new puppy including tug of war.

Training A French Mastiff Puppy

Bandog puppies for sale nz. I think you can train that pretty easily and without place board however place needs understood. Likewise, the breeder or dog owner will have an influential impact on the dam, in turn, influencing the offspring. It may benefit you to try lead training once you do pin-point the time he does this, letting him know that this only occurs outside. A heavier leather lead when your dog becomes an adult. Included with this package, are individual lessons and groups classes intended to perfect us as owners and keep our dogs polished. On exposure to cat dander, whereas the dad and daughter produce ige, the mom and the other two children produce other classes of antibodies, which do not cause allergic reactions. Many home owners have pets and many of those in urban areas are dogs.

We were told it was a “dominance game” and that the human “always has to win. I had never heard of bell training before so of course, i had a lot of questions. Clients in this program typically begin with inpatient alcohol detox to rid their bodies of any harmful toxins from the drugs or alcohol. Well over 20 years old, living inside people. I agree and i'm finding the consistency among family members is a challenge but the kids are doing their best and i'd say they're getting better at it. "grandpa" is a role maddog would have relished. Privately owned and boasting over 1300 students from around the world that have been trained to the highly respected standards that are offered by mark davies and his amazing team. Have you ever had long hair and then cut it off. They started barking and lunging a the other dogs trying to tell them to “get away”. This beauty truly is a special girl, so don't let her slip by.

Some of the training we give our puppies is socialization. Fry in hot fat just as you would a chicken. As this program is custom in design please contact us for an obligation free quote. He grew out of it, or probably realised he couldn't actually get it. Our guests love running, jumping and lounging around on our puppy playground equipment designed specifically for dogs. The key to house training your dog is to prevent accidents before they happen inside. They discover us and run. It’s great watching your puppy make the connection and have that “aha” moment. Courses are simply insufficient for purposes of. To create a nest, and acting uneasy.

  my sisters and i began to panic that she would run out money and we would wind up supporting our crazy mother and the expense of feeding 40 pet great danes. It is impossible to come up with every possible scenario in. It is easy to setup and saves a lot of your valuable time. Once they've mastered the skills, we pick up the pace and get people's heart rate up by endurance and cardio training. That seem to always have ear problems need to have their ears flushed. Karma dog training colorado springs's staff of professional dog trainers and behavior specialists are not only trained to understand basic obedience training and how to prevent and manage dog behavior problems, but we also understand that your dog is a soul, just like you and i. Mastiffs were guard dogs for the courtyard outside an estate's home, bullmastiffs patrolled the grounds surrounding the home. When chihuahuas have at least 2 times a day to walk off energy, they are much more calm when back inside the house. Now that you guys mention attention (which i thought about it being a possible reason), it seems that every time we are all gone for more than 2 or 3 hours and come home she is out of the yard. Take training to the next level — get involved in organized dog activities and competitions, where you'll both show off impressive tricks like retrieving, figure 8s, and much more.

You don't have to spend 700 on a puppy trainer, but a puppy class is a must. Make sure you only administer the type of product advised by your vet – the time-release capsules, for example, are a very popular form of the medication for humans, but for dogs they can because a health risk. Safari tips, travel and destinations. Then do it in reverse when you come home. Saint bernards are prone to heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

Her breeder uses punishment to train his dogs for shows and charley did not respond well to this. Step 6: stand five feet away from a dog on a leash. This is great fun for you both. We can always tell, because be comes in dragging his penis behind him and then stands there whimpering with one hind leg up. However, to really get a better sense for the bigger picture, we have to look at other information to fully understand why adopting a dog from the shelter is the right choice for many people. If exceptions are made your dog is going to take longer to train, and they’re going to be dealing with a lot of unnecessary confusion. If you are good at.

It is a great way to make sure you and your family will stay safe if there is ever a fire.   they are typically protective of their pack and can be very agile and fast for a dog their size. When school is in session, they go from house to house digging up yards and chasing pets who happen to be outside. The slightest new thing can earn a treat. Solomon asch tested conformity at swarthmore college in 1951 by putting a participant in a group of people whose task was to match line lengths.

While it is not contagious between two people, the disease can affect a wide variety of the population who may not even be aware they are at risk. Play alone does not fulfill basic walking instincts, which leads to behavior problems like barking, according to the dog breed info center website. When a dog doesn't follow commands, trainers may speak to them in a loud, strong, disapproving tone of voice or say 'bad dog. Just humans need doctors and nutritionists, animals need experienced vets. The dogs could also be used to good advantage in mountainous areas, in river bottoms, and in heavily wooded terrain. How much exercise does your puppy get. I also knew a man in seattle that bred pit bull terriers, and some drug guys broke into his house and stole some of his adult dogs. 2) several collars and they all have the same issue - they separate and parts get lost. And the canned dog food coupons 2014 for canada pet owners will give a $1.

  do you think i can be trained to sleep in my own bed, in the room with my people and leave my crate behind. I did a bit of weaving on the road with some of the families. The main difference is that snails have a shell, while slugs don’t. Getting a pug into a harness is certainly more work than getting a simple collar on it, but with training they quickly learn that a harness means they get to go outside, and soon they will get excited when you show them their harness. The blue color associated with the pitbull’s blue nose is actually a diluted black pigmentation. The day you bring your dog home is the day that your training begins. I just thought my feelings were well placed considering the title of the tread & the discussion. She is currently kc grade 6 with 2 more wins needed before reaching grade 7. Curves, indicating enough body fat to permit ovulation and. A female frigatebird will mate with the male with the biggest and shiniest balloon.

" i even call it "unbutt. As soon as you bring them home you should start their training. How do you stop paw gnawing. Because of this, it’s important to know how dogs correct each other so that you don’t mistake a correction for a punishment. If the dog senses a threat it will automatically go into a protection mode and now be able to defend against threatening individuals without being given a command. However, the french mastiff is not for everyone as extensive training during puppyhood is required. After all, their pup has already been home alone all day while they’re at work. There's far more effective and humane training methods we can implement instead - read on. If you are having trouble call the breeder or a behaviorist for help. To introduce a puppy to a dog, use the same procedure as above.

I know it hurts him to see me hurt but i am not sure how to stop this from happening. Seizures are a common genetic defect in those breeds. Every saturday night, bill and sarah leave their son with a babysitter and go out to dinner. (photo by bill harrison on flickr). "complete and balanced" adult food is labeled as "maintenance," and "complete and balanced" food for puppies and pregnant or lactating bitches is labeled "growth and reproduction.

(for example, in basenjis carrying one allele for. But ohhhh, the ridicule, disrespect and rejection i have suffered for trying to teach men 'how to properly' handle a well bred, well raised, and properly socialized and trained catahoula hog dog. Try to ignore any unacceptable behaviour as much as you can, because attention in itself is a reward. Are english pitbulls good family dogs. Thank you for being a great stepping stone towards my dreams and the dreams of many others. A close-up of a tick on human skin.

During a ceremony today, charles michel, the belgian prime minister, and jane hartley, the us ambassador to paris, will attend. Indeed demodex mites might be proven to. The following are just some of the basic rules we follow for breeding: males must be least 15 months old before they are bred. We all have to work and it is ok, just make sure they can give the puppy and dog enough time keep it fulfilled. I have heard rave reviews about this product, it is sold in most health food stores, and you can just put a few drops in his water every day. " but, first - stop bathing her so often because this will exacerbate any problem she has. My kids are not mean to him and never have been, so i don't get it.

For families that are able and willing to meet the american bulldogs substantial exercise and stimulation requirements, the dog often makes a very affectionate and intensely devoted pet. Primary among them are exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, pancreatitis, intestinal infections, malabsorptive syndromes, and over-feeding (especially high fat content diets). Climate controlled building that is heated, air conditioned and brightly lit. After restricting your labrador puppy to a small area, you need to take your puppy to his toilet area outside your home as many times each day.   it’s far more difficult to ‘untrain’ this habit than it is to teach the puppy to sleep in a dog crate next to the bed and possibly in another location in a few weeks time. Chihuahuas do best in families with quiet, older children who understand how to interact with them. Do we have to make life more complicated than that.

Even after all hope was gone, they continued to resist until the advent of the atomic bomb left them no choice.   if it seems to be ineffective or gets less effective over time then a citronella collar is unlikely to work and you should consider an electric bark collar. Vizslas gain about a pound a week. Puppy pads are a dream for small dogs. It is important that dogs be kept at an appropriate weight; an obese french bulldog is at a far higher risk for many of the breed’s health issues. Many of these reasons overlap in some way… for example, a dog who is fearful of strangers was probably not properly socialized as a pup. Dogs may never want to be in a room that’s not the room that you are in. Before the advent of shotguns, the game was flushed into nets or then chased by falcons or greyhounds. Is your #1 concern, our boxer lovers training course.

Recognized by the american kennel club in 1995, the greater swiss belongs to the akc working group.   or more specifically, does he want to come to me. Apparently, whenever he saw horses, he deliberately took her nearby to sit calmly and be praised.

Potty Training French Mastiff Puppy

Your dog will be able to travel with by bus and plane so you will not be without when you travel. Now go and be your dog’s best friend. Other prisons have discovered visitors chucking cell phones over fences to incarcerated loved ones. Over the years, electronic training devices have been known by. Homes with children should ever have pit bulls in them.

Puppies learn from their mother and from each other. You are right on about the bacteria. What to do if the german shorthaired pointer puppy is biting. Alternately, run a very hot shower in a closed bathroom. Thing in mind; winning fights. In fact, there are several things our dogs wish (and hope) we know. I am sick to death of pointing out, over and over again, the folly and horrors of selective dog breeding and puppy farming, because no one ever takes any notice, however bonkers the breeding practices are.

We have a 9 month of female staffordshire bull terrier puppy who has never been walked on a lead. Less painful teeth as their screams and slapping at his face and pushing. The temperature may then be gradually decreased to approximately 80°f (26. None of them have problems with separation. Gave your name and e-mail address.

If that offends you or seems ballsy to state-so be it. In ancient egypt, creatures resembling typical mastiffs were already depicted in monuments. Separation anxiety: because golden retrievers love their families so much, anxiety in golden retrievers is common. 3hh standie who was having his feed. Additionally it is not particularly clean to have it defacating in the house, and not too kind to always need to be yelling at it, or correcting it. I'm a fairly experienced dog owner, but i've never had a brand new puppy so this biting you malarkey is a bit new on me. Roaches can deposit their feces and saliva into human’s food. “jetty developed diarrhea and had lost weight. Descriptions, or who sit in pure silence.

It helped quite a bit that we have crates, and the dogs have been trained to respond to the ''go to your crate'' command. Hold your bells up to the door to double check your length. In the previous, men and women over 40 hardly ever spoke of teeth in public, possibly since they did not always have as well many teeth to speak of. Systematic desensitization to being alone. Teething: teacup yorkies tend to retain their puppy teeth. Most dog food manufacturers offer a special formula specifically designed for puppies that is higher in protein (28% - 30%) and enriched with the fat soluble and water soluble vitamins, minerals, fats and other essentials a growing puppy needs. This training helps avoid yanking things from the pup’s mouth, which can create resource guarding behavior. But he is supremely unaffected by that, anf the cessation of play and being ignored doesn't help either, cos often we're not actually doing anything together when he nips me. Once she is in position, i put a favorite treat, like dehydrated salmon or liver in my left hand and tell maggie "heel" and "let's go". If your dog is not going into the down position through the traditional lure, you may need to become a little creative to get your puppy to lie down.

I rescued angel, a one year old border collie, from the western australian shepherd rescue in february, 2013. Did you follow the manufacturers directions. It is never ok to allow a dog to nip and steps should be taken to curb that behavior as soon as it starts. Who was a famous fighter pilot of world war 1. We will also be hosting three ultimate air dog competitions the following weekends:. This may or may not be done in just certain areas of the house. The big day has finally arrived. If he stops barking only after an hour and you get so frustrated that you go over to him and attend to him just to calm him, he’ll probably bark for two hours next time.

Snoot, and in some cases, the. When to see a doctor for boxer's fracture. The breed is useful in law enforcement and search-and-rescue operations. How to start a crate-training program. Every pet owner cringes when her veterinarian says, “you’ll need to rest your dog in a crate. People living with more than one dog know that the more dogs you live with, the less time you have for yourself. Your dog might be wary to enter the crate to eat at first, as he may suspect you're leaving and are trying to lure him in. Reverse sneezing isn´t an illness , but it is something all dog owners should be aware of. One of the three, a tall, slim woman with a falcon nose, stood solemnly.

She figured out exactly where to be and how to follow my. Also live in significantly polluted habitats, including sewer systems. Fleas, on the other hand, eat continuously so their bites will be a recurrent feature if the insects aren’t dealt with. And i still can't move. If you’re still having trouble, buy a long-distance squirt gun or plant mister and fill it with water and vinegar, and spray your dog discreetly when she starts getting riled up. In dog bite cases, you have two years from the date of the bite, to sue the other or anyone else responsible. This law does not fall under the animal ordinances, but under the nuisance laws of arlington county and is legally a matter for the police. If you feel it's really out of whack for your dog to be having accidents then there's a good possibility that it's from a uti.

People withtumors or severe head injuries can start to smell phantom odors as a result of confused neurons along the sensory system's pathways. Topics he covers include; how the dog evolved, the fallacy of the dominance construct, how the dog’s role in society is changing and how that has led to higher expectations for non-dog like behavior and how these changes might affect the dog’s future. Ask each dog, “which hand. There are several points about surgery on rats that are different from.   particularly with kids in the house, you will need to find a dog that is patient and tolerant of annoyances. It would not take many dogs pool visits to deplete these pools of water, thereby killing many individuals that depend on them. Rabies: a preventable but incurable disease. (now would be a good time to call him over). Know that odds inform you the likelihood of an outcome. The idea is that after a relatively short amount of time, the dog will be conditioned to understand that a good behavior warrants a reward.

Training is complete for the sake of your carpet. This will help your pup learn to come whenever called. We have cleaned the wound with betadine scrub and applied antibiotic. Train a deaf puppy so you and the puppy can understand each other. The loss rooted them even more to second-bottom in the eastern conference, and they can only look down upon dc united because united has played four fewer games than they have. Flat nylon-web leashes are good for ferrets, and there are.

Having said that, i walk/run my dogs on average 4 miles at least 4 days per week. Dan is a fine human with much knowledge to share. I search cars, buildings, stadiums, trains, or any place that a bomb could be hiding. Register your trained therapy dog on service dog certification . The mixture of the two breeds produces hybrid vigour in varying degrees and this hopefully cancels out some of the genetic health problems resulting in healthier puppies. 12-ounce gloves: these light training gloves have enough padding for everyday sparring and bag training, but not so much that it slows punches and reflexes.

Depending on the specific client’s symptoms, we train our psds to guide a client disoriented by anxiety, conduct a room search to alleviate fear of intruders or of the unknown, provide assistance with balance and mobility, interrupt a panic attack, seek help for an incapacitated client, and more. Free bonus # 1: pdf report "basenji puppy training plan" (valued at $ 35)    if you have only had your basenji puppy for a few days, or your basenji is less than 7 months old and never was taught anything, this guide is perfect for you. Normally, it is your neighbors who will notice it first and let you know about your dog’s barking habit. Can, spray bottle, an air horn, or a spray deterrent. I was just laying in bed about to go to bed when i glanced at my dog, as she was licking her back right paw. State search dog rescue certification only.

Together we determine if staff would be helped by an in-service prior to beginning aat sessions. If your dog likes to bury bones, he will hopefully choose this spot. My only other complaint is considering he seems to be into disc, some of his dogs don't appear to have the level of conditioning i'd expect for someone into disc. Danielle and myself are eternally grateful for the professional and ultimately very educational help that celia has given to us and our beautiful boy, ghengis. This is an older medication, and may be given by your veterinarian as a trial to see how your pet responds, but it may not be a good idea to have your pet on glucocorticoids long term. This is because dogs tend to form packs and even at a young age,. Thank you many times over.

Once you move the shoe out of sight, give your puppy an acceptable toy to replace it. Dogs that are marking do not have to potty…taking them outside will not help. Chiweenie behavior" style="width: 226px" class="wp-caption alignright">. Sometimes, the best way to get the perfect name for your dog is to ask a friend. Accident is your fault not theirs.

" the last part of this doesn't make sense either. Once a pup soils the carpeting, it becomes much more difficult to train them out of that behavior. Battery life is also important when you are looking into gps trackers for your dog, and trax comes with a rechargeable battery lasting 1 day depending on how active your child/dog is. We chose to get a german shepherd because of how smart they are and for their willingness to work and be trained. Seems to work well, but they bought the dog box trained.

Have some treats in your hand as you begin. Because of this fact the female dogs are usually, a lot more independent, stubborn, as well as territorial compared to their male competitors. It was started in 1972 by two men. Then he said to them, "my soul is deeply grieved (related verb "peri. Using his terrier instinct, he will take off after prey – whether imaginary or real.

When i get the focus behavior reliably, i resume use of the cue. Here’s a good thai fight — watch how much damage these guys soak up and deliver during the fight (note, traditional thai matches don’t really get started till round 3):. Make the dog complete the exercise every time you give a command even if your command may have been too soft, a train went by or the leash accidentally tightened as the dog was on her way.  he is the cutest dog i have ever seen. Call 911 if your child has signs of a severe allergic reaction such as trouble breathing or tightness in the throat or chest. I want the dog trained in the fairest method possible.  that is not the correct way to start out a relationship that will hopefully last a decade or more and most importantly, that is not fair for our puppy. Cons: can cause damage to neck if dog pulls or lunges frequently over time.

There is usually a cause to this that can be corrected with the right training.

Potty Training French Mastiff Puppy
"when a dog grabs your pant leg, stop and turn around. What your border collie will need...

Training A French Mastiff Puppy
A long list of emotional and physical problems. Pregnant female dogs dig when nesting. Of...

Training A French Mastiff Puppy
Does anyone have any better suggestions. This could be an important clinical sign of a metabolic disease such as kidney...