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Not sure which commands to use. There is no compensation for this position, you will receive room & board in exchange for your labor with everything that needs done, and you will be required to study materials presented and pass written and practical exams. Owners, especially those who work all day, believe a second dog will be. Uk in the topic 'where can i find. Try putting in one of his favorite toys or a stuffed kong to keep him occupied. Jenny and i have now been living with this for two years (i guess i should do a follow up post, so folks know how much hope there is. This, to me, is another form of crying wolf.

A couple of years ago i had a problem with rats in one part of the garden but when i moved the ferret cages and runs there the rats seemed to go so i assumed they didn't like the smell. Behavior modification is useful for dogs that are barking in response to outside activity or from boredom. What he was doing wrong. Many tennessee residents turn to canine protection for their homes and families.  it is also possible that the collar has been on your dog for too long. That's like saying that since my great-great-grandfather was travelling in steam-engine-powered trains, then i should too. Please do not use human toothpaste to clean a dog’s teeth. And smells to deal with. Speak and read standard english.

How old are your dogs. A strong dog crate is mandatory when you two travel by plane. Beginning of outrun and retrieval of flock. The amount of canned pumpkin needed to provide benefit will vary from dog to dog, so check with your veterinarian. Teddy grabs the peel and eagerly chews it up. This is one of the more controversial collars—some claim if used properly, it’s the perfect training tool, while others claim the collar hurts dogs and is abusive. The aim is to teach him that night-time is for sleeping. She was releasing negative energies from my body and i felt a warm feeling come over me. Cairn terrier dog breed profile.

Teaching and reinforcing commands, followed by praise and rewards, will keep your dog’s mind occupied and tire her out, which means less barking and less boredom. Here’s another all-too-common puppy behavior problem that is often dealt with inappropriately by owners. Stay with your child so they feel safe. House training can be relatively easy if you abide by the following:. If a previously reinforced behavior is not reinforced, the animal will increase the intensity or frequency of the behavior in an attempt to earn the reinforcement again. Swallowing these small pieces presents a risk for dogs, and could cause painful and costly vet visits. Why did you let him out.

Now her previously soft fluffy fur is thin and coarse and dry. The gap between us had begun to grow and i hated knowing that leaving for real would mean allowing that gap to expand and expand and expand until it was unbridgeable, until it became something too real to ignore. Seeing eye dogs and guide dogs are two different names for dog guides trained to work with people who have low vision or are blind. How much flea medicine for 12 pound dog. In dogs with white fur, we may therefore be white, whereas in dogs with dark fur, we tend to be black (which makes it more challenging to identify the quick) and in some cases, we can even be multi-colored as seen in the picture. She is currently in foster with six additional sibes and one cat, and gets along well with everyone.

(it's why noodle's favorite spot is under the bed. Kangal dogs grow up slowly, even compared to other livestock guard dog breeds. The leave command is one we have spent the most time on because it covers alot of ground but she's very excitable and gets distracted quickly. In pavlov’s experiments, the dogs learned that the sound of the bell predicted food and the dogs would drool in anticipation. Service dog training in northern virginia: therapy dog training northern virginia. Check this cute video then. Any puppy or dog having diarrhea or vomiting for over 24 hours we ask you keep home from class and contact your veterinarian. Romping with kids all day is a great deal of fun for a dog, but it’s also exhausting. A bite from a chihuahua can be treated with a band-aid, but a bite from a rottweiler usually needs medical treatment. He has a fear of being picked up and will run away, but once he gets into your lap, he is content and will stay in it as long as you want.

Testing has also proved that most contain toxic chemicals includeing lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium salts and formaldehyde. Brown rats across europe—brown rats tend. Baucus forbids covering illegal aliens. This allows you to animate the toy and keep the game low to the ground and not encourage jumping up. I finally tried using onion juice, and it worked immediately and was able to fall asleep. Conviction that rates of hip dysplasia, or anything else, have increased in purebred dogs cannot be. Some dogs are quite laid back and accept whatever comes their way, while other dogs, even if they are usually relaxed about most things, will do their best to get a collar off. Great collar with some great features.

Here’s what came out. Stretch the tug out further and further until the dog wont ever give up. You may have punished the barking, lunging and growling, so the dog may go straight to biting which is very dangerous. Never tape right onto the ear…never. Hardly notice this, it is just something to keep in mind. Dog prednisone side effects diarrhea. The weimaraner leaves their home and behaves like a model citizen but returns to very soon resume the same behavior issue.

Huck knows his name and responds well to the "come" command. Hack squat leg press extreme stretching. But before you start a routine, it’s helpful to know that there are several types of stretches, or flexibility exercises, like:. With time, you’ll have to extend the period of time before giving a treat, by a few seconds every time. She used to do it a lot more when we first got her. The computers (each dog’s analysis requires 7 million runs) look at 321 “markers” on the chromosomes in the sample, looking for patterns of base-pairs in the strands of dna.

Dogs eat grass when they are food poisoned. However, in bailey’s mind, this is a fun game. My dog, has never been aggressive. There are some people who think that they will surpass the initial cost of pet ownership and adopt a kid friendly, problem free pet when they choose to rescue an adult dog. The workouts are always different and help me hit the goals or skills i want to improve on such as, improvements in my boxing/kickboxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, mobility and also strength training. , takes in dogs every year who have been rescued from fighting rings.

Your vet will be able to tell you if there are any potential. Last but not least, don't forget to enroll him in a basic training class. This is why i call it “the cornered stay. However, megi also endured 3 weeks in a training boot camp, complete. When combined with the increase in metabolism that results from adding more muscle to your frame over time, it’s obvious that strength training can be a powerful tool in the battle against body fat. You’ve all heard the expression, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. They allow us to leave the dog in a space where it can’t hurt itself, but also, anything else in our home.

I've seen dogs get into fights in the petsmart cause they didn't see them coming. If this is not working it is worth taking training reward directly from your labradors daily food allowance. Amazingly, judge was bred only once. How to make your bichon frise friendly towards your guests and your children or grandchildren so that it allows them to pet it, instead of barking and backing away. ” “a common cause of behavioral troubles in dogs is disease or pain. A therapy cat's primary job is to allow unfamiliar people to make physical contact with it and to enjoy that contact. Imagine a dog that’s food possessive who gets a hold of a toxic chocolate bar. You're presenting the draft marketing plan for a new product at your team meeting. Mom to molly, vazzle and oliver.

The owner may be aware of the problem, and if he is, he should not allow any interactions. Which is natural, but is continued while seeming at first to repeat itself,. Most common food allergens include: beef, dairy, and wheat. Receive the dog as a gift, be sure to settle in advance what will happen. The only time that your dog can jump is if they break that command. Then you probably have a dog who is confused about his or her place in your pack (i. Kobe kares pet assisted therapy at the smithfield school department took into account allergies, fear of dogs, and research before sending out permission slips to students’ parents asking for participation.

I go into time outs in detail in the member’s area if you need some help troubleshooting. It seems more people are getting them and it's the 'bad' reputation that is causing irresponsible owners who are most likely drug dealers and the like to flock to this breed. Snow accumulation isn’t a big deal, all you have to do is turn up the boundary width dial when the snow starts accumulation so you have a bit more power going through the system to get through the snow. If not, gradually restrict his diet and make your morning walks a little longer. Shepards are a very intelligent and loyal dogs and upon proper care, will be as good and docile of a dog as a bassett. ” dog b: “oh sure – you obviously want it more than i do.   all of a sudden we all looked forward to going out and about in our community with thomas. Train your own dog, at your own speed,. Our coaches can offer one on one consults and/or tailored, personalized online individualized training programs. Dog may require stronger pulls to counter his size and.

While anecdotal evidence exists that other civilizations viewed the supernova, no records have been uncovered. And because these activities alleviate boredom they decrease the likelihood of our dogs developing behavioral issues such as excessive chewing or barking. Dog barking is a nuisance law in most places but what is in those laws varies from place to place. Their lives were transformed by getting back into the world; these folks now have the confidence to “fight the good fight.

Watch My Chops Dog Training

He could grow to be less likely to answer your training. Zettle have drawn an important. The next steps in the potty training process require your child to have the. It took about a third of a cup and the little loops in the towel held the flour. Remember the key to long-term success is consistency and dedication to a training plan in the beginning. ) and bit their 11 yr old on the hand, thankfully both were just grazes but i don't see them putting the time into training. This is usual among all such patients and may persist for up to four to five months after surgery. There are several animals whose skin or fur changes color for the purpose of disguising predators making them difficult to see, but contrary to these animals, dogs don’t change coat color for the purpose of camouflaging. Caring for a english springer spaniel.

Applied by free weights or a machine; they respond only to the level of. First the dynamics of all the relationships in the family need to change. I am a dog geek. Many puppy books tell you to never let your puppy out if they have been crying, or while they’re too excited, because this will just teach them to cry every time they want to be let out. Method #2 – “owee… stop it, i’m serious. Do you guys remember teddy. Service dogs range from very small to very large in size. To the untrained eye, toxic mushrooms are almost impossible to tell from non-toxic ones, and mushrooms that.

Alert them to an impending seizure or blood sugar problem. On the human side, the research adds to a growing body of knowledge about anxiety disorders in children and adults. Our classes are designed to have you and your dog work together on basic behaviors, such as sit, stay, and down. They are devoted and loyal to the people in their lives and thrive on affection; however, this breed is also self-entertaining and enjoys playing with a variety of toys by itself. Repeat this drill several times in a row so that your dog figures out that sitting, instead of jumping, brings about praise and something yummy. On the other hand, negative reinforcement training can be thought as a form a punishment training with the idea that because of the. If you allow your dog on the couch or your bed, then this applies to you so the dog smell doesn’t settle.  the dogsmith dog training and pet care says,. Have a question about the cause of your dog vomiting – or are concerned that your dog might be really ill – why not ask a vet.

He was just not interested enough in them. The average yorkie poo life expectancy is around 14 to 18 years which means that you should have your puppy around as a loyal companion for quite a long span of time. You can culture your own mealworms (click on the link to the left). Since every dog is eager to please its owner, you will need to simply mimic the same actions with your dog or puppy and you will be amazed at the progress your dog makes. This might include activities like taking your puppy to a public park, to a garden center and to the pet store. A) do not reward bad behavior.

“dogs are like us: we have testosterone and estrogen receptors all over our bodies – they are in our brains, lungs, bones. Start out with an easy think like sit. Before you choose a dog training course. “remember the scene where the students banished the boggart with the ‘ridiculous. These are social playgroups where dogs can play with other dogs.

Northampton dog training - why choose watch my chops. He'll learn that every time he jumps he won't get attention, and when he sits, he'll get attention. Obviously, the ranch’s staff loved to make their special residents feel loved and cherished. He pees everywhere so i guess hes not that dehydrated lol. These are chickens from my flock that are visiting a friend’s house. Bone, pushing the cans to the back of the counter, then leave the room. Selection of food items are so important and it should be generally soft, low in dietary fiber, should be cooked, rich in fiber, etc. Female urine marks: females urine mark their environment. Mom is in a nursing home.

Watch my chops provides high quality reward-based dog training in northampton and we have a range of courses to choose between.  the slow, systematic core body movements that we see in occam’s is what was behind arthur jones and nautilus which he had been trying to convince people of since the 1960’s. When you leave the room he cries, when you put him in his cage he cries, when we take him in the car he cries(even though he gets very excited for the 'ride'). Oh, arch, i’m going to enjoy training you…and i think, eventually, you are going to enjoy it, too. A human given a total of 16.  maybe they are aggressive barkers. Lab puppy through the doorway. To study certain behaviors, such as gender roles or languages, an anthropologist compares two indigenous populations and records similarities and differences.

As i mentioned before i have done a great deal of research and have decided to switch my dogs from dry kibble to blue ridge beef raw dog food. The good stuff about the ifetch: my dog is in love with her ifetch.  our in-home adult dog training program is. Sometimes owners have not been very good about providing consistent supervision, leadership, and guidance where their dog’s behaviour is concerned. You can make an older dog look a little fresher and more youthful by carefully trimming a little length off the head fall, beard, ears and tail, as part of a regular trim. As he matures, walk longer distances more frequently. In a safe location indoors, drop the lead. This enables the dominant individual to obtain access to resources such as food or access to potential mates, at the expense of the submissive individual, without active aggression. So it changed into a corporation. An adult dog could protect itself better from small children.

If the wounded area is dirty, gently scrub the dirt away. When should you go to the vet for dog diarrhea. Nosological status of the seizure in relation to the intracerebral event if the seizure occurs within the first two weeks of the stroke onset. The dog swings around behind the flock and the flock begins to move off in the direction of the handler. Be injured by falls, other dogs and owner clumsiness. Ruth and i still managed to stay up to talk knitting after supper, despite the yawns, and i'm amazed to see it's gone midnight again, before i lapse into unconsciousness on the sofa bed. Pickwick papers who "goes on errands fast asleep, and snores as he waits at table.

The next step will be to practice with your dog on leash as your helper enters through the door. We offer two different services to help correct bad behavior, please visit our links to see which might be right for you. Call and talk to me on my live radio show on sunday mornings at 9:00 am pst. In a curious way what we shared was neither passion nor affection but a certain aesthetic sensibility. Their saber tails are bushy and hang down to their hocks. However, it can be very easy to fool yourself and imagine some of these changes even if your dog is not pregnant. As a kentucky accident attorney, i suggest that you get in touch with a dog bite attorney so they can help you through the dog bite case. When i met "joe", that was all history.

While this behavior sounds appealing at first glance, problems arise when the protective dog starts to treat everyone outside the family, including friends and relatives, as threats to the baby’s safety. I get along great with dogs, cats and humans of all shapes and sizes. Rain will make a mess – if you live in an area that it typically rains during the spring or winter months you want to make sure that you protect the dog potty grass from getting flooded with water. If you’re in another room of the house and can’t see her, you won’t have any idea that she’s “asking. You will have to be patient and fair with yourself and your dog to achieve success as your experience is less comprehensive. Second, these dog shootings epitomize a larger, societal problem with law enforcement agencies prioritizing an “officer safety” mindset that encourages police to shoot first and ask questions later. Our program of "train while boarding" is hands down the most effective way to train your dog. Than 25% of all bites) than known dogs. I did train right there on the same property i kept the birds but they do return from a couple miles away if they are given the chance to fly freely. All ready to leave at 16 weeks old and they are very healthy, daiper.

If they don't like it, they should just ignore it by turning away, i told my guests. Have your child lay on his back while saying this sound. Your family's social class, economic position, and ethnic background--as.  the use of such a. Now she looks like a dalmatian. Because it serves the purpose of describing a situation in which the dog.

She became used to it. If you’re looking for one to one dog training in northampton then watch my chops is more than happy to come to you. He is no longer unsupervised and we are one big happy family. ** please note: only one discount per dog can be used and these discounts are offered only before the 4-week deadline registration date above. If you don’t put those in first, no one will. “the program “keeps [them] out of trouble” because participation is both a responsibility and a privilege. "you can smell the dog droppings from the street in the lanai," he added.

The body is short and close-coupled with the rib cage accounting for most of its length. ”), you ought to let her outdoors. We've taken him to the vet and he doesn't have any tooth or food sensitivity problems. I try to never represent over excitement to him. The owners communication is vital to be clear in order to get the message across that the game is not welcome.

Go with him to the pit and help him dig, giving him lots of praise as he digs. But of course they are not separate muscles.      imagine how your life would be if your irish terrier   was polite, obedient and happy. The one thing i did not do which you might consider is to go to a vet that specializes in allergies, not a regular vet, and have a panel run on your dog. “it gives you access to a lot of areas of the prison. Is it ok for a pitbull or any guard dog as a puppy to bit on friendly people who touch them and pet them.   i have only ever seen red barn for sale at dog shows, but similar varieties (pet botanicals and natural balance) can often be found at petsmart and petco. The door was shut (i thought it was locked, too…i guess it wasn’t), but my dogs open closed doors. But yes, i agree that in the long run the goal should be to use not too much in the way of products.

Cover the treat or toy. A confident dog wanting you to move away will often deliver a low-pitched warning growl. Keep in mind that your puppy keeps pooping in the house. As you know, years ago i used to breed german shepherds and even though i had a wonderful line, i must admit that your dogs are far superior then mine were. Start by making your dog's crate a comfortable, inviting place. Provide that there are no health issue i can offer a very simple explaination whether it is right or not we'll/ never know because it is not possible to read a dogs mind. They suggest as humans, we put our emotions onto our dogs and see what we want to see.

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The distractions that raccoons do to your el paso area home can be astronomical. "elective gonadectomy in dogs: a. Standard rat terriers are between 13 and 18 inches. The border collie is an intelligent dog breed; in fact, it is widely considered to be the most intelligent dog breed. Cockapoos can have different types of fur, including soft, tight curls, big looping curls, loose waves, and straight hair.

My husband was playing with her, and we got into calling her name, so she will get to know we are talking to her. Keep your farewell easy and tranquil. He got into the garbage 3 separate times but no visible sign of blockage. This happens every two to three years. This tends to be a recurrent tumor because it is not possible to get adequate surgical margins. Doheny, cut under the left eye in the second, began to mix in heavy right hooks to the body in the third before stepping up the workrate and throwing combinations.   if you cherish and respect these characteristics, and are able to work with them in training your pet, you will end up with a malamute who is a pleasure to live with.  and we saw a lot of nutritionally based diseases that are uncommon now, as many people also  opted to "home cook", hence my absolute dislike of them ( unless they are specifically designed for that pet).

Sure sign of growing up, anyway. Collies are eager to please and love people, but they can be a bit stubborn.  you can also follow along on facebook, twitter, or instagram. Puppy farmers will find different ways to cut corners, which means that the puppies you get from them will look sickly. Builds up trust in his skills, he is more likely to take on the.

One week after that exposure, he returned to the health club, where the trainer had him perform chest and triceps muscle exercises in the same manner as in session 1. Most dogs, like most people, thoroughly enjoy a nice foot massage.   in fact, just a small piece is best - about the size of your pinky finger nail. The right heavy duty dog crate can do all those things. Defensive threat: although the dog may be growling and snarling, the ears are laid back, which is a sign of submission in normal dogs, and the tail is hanging down. So, sheepdoggers, what's the skinny on prey drive and the border collie. After an initial consultation and 3 weeks of "boot camp" with boysie and his family, "charlie" was a new dog. Ivermectin is used in dermatology against some parasitic infestations in humans.

My dog walks so nicely by my side, no more pulling or tripping me up. Anything that resembles or smells like its toy (towels, tennis balls,. Place two fingers under the bandaging, testing for proper pressure. First, try to redraw this picture, but two times smaller:. I just brought home a 6 month wild one- no training except for potty. When your pup comes to the table and starts barking, take him to his bed and make him lie down on it. Do not offer her 1 cent. They are intelligent, athletic dogs and as such are perfect dogs to train.   dogs we sought out and.

“the dogs we’re looking for are working dogs that really need something to do,” warfield said. Primal raw,  beef marrow bones are great to satisfy the urge to chew and is a soothing activity for most dogs. I agree with the comment that people do not know how to intro dogs. Puppy time outs are also good too.   teaching your dog various tricks  is enriching for dogs of all ages. Touching the dog’s flank. Can a big dog get pregnant from a small dog.

This is because when animals are related to each other they are farmore likely to be carrying the same defective genes. When he is solid on potty training and has a cue for it, you can box or pad train. As for age-related neurologic problems, he says: “we don’t see a lot of them, but it’s well documented that old cats can develop a progressive degenerative disorder that kills brain cells. “as inmates, we can understand the loss of freedom,” she said. My dog is about a 2 years old now and is in this very stubborn phase. Personal attention - out professional dog trainer will offer you his/her undivided attention for the entire training session, which allows rapid progress for you and your dog. If you are frustrated trying to train a squirming pup on the end of a leash, it won’t get any easier when the animal is several times bigger and better coordinated. No other electronic fence comes with high quality wire like this. Leash walking tools are simple in theory – all you need is a leash and a collar – but the options are limitless and can be confusing.

A case from the northern district of california,. Bathing a german shepherd should occur rarely and only as necessary (perhaps once or twice a year) so that your dog’s essential skin oils are not lost. Create a taste aversion by topping the stool with hot sauce or lemon juice. It is up to us to keep our pets clean and hygienic whenever they are back from a walk from outside. Miniature schnauzer as a hunter. We offer different length and clips that are best suited for dog walking, training or hiking with your medium to extra large dogs. But – not all questions are of equal importance. If the dog (male or female) is neutered in an attempt at correction, environmental/behavioural alterations are also advisable.

Tyson fury reckons he’s close to getting back into the shape which saw him topple wladimir klitschko. Visit "dogs caught in the act"— someone please take those dogs for a long pack walk. Or a combination of barter and cash. My dogs would be in heaven if they had 5 acres to run and play. Other crucial details such as user communication in the q&a threads is usually included into report. Progressive tone & safe pulsed proportional stimulus: a warning tone first and then shock stimulus if your dog would not stop moving to the set boundary. If at all possible, just stop your dog licking/distract him with other things every time he starts and try to break the behavioural cycle. Again, the training strategy depends on the causes and his motivation. As a lower-ranking dog, he will always go along with what the higher-ranking dogs (you and your family) say. He interrupts phone conversations and charges into new environments ahead of you.

Find the entire history of the doberman pinscher in the attached link. Your dog spends a bit of time circling and patting down the bed before they make their spot just right and fall into it. As your dog becomes better at waiting at the door, you can even start to walk outside and go in to reward your dog for waiting patiently. - and have picked out the dog of your dreams, bringing him home is the first important step in the process. Do not reprimand a dog unless you caught it in the act.  distinguishable by a “ridge” of backward-facing fur along its back, the rhodesian ridgeback was bred to hunt lions and is built to protect.

Don’t play with your puppy otherwise it might get toilet time confused with play time. And still the dog was having behavioral problems that weren’t solved with all of that. We got our 2nd bulldog when he was 11 months old (5 months ago). Since then, several studies have been carried out proving that interaction with dogs increases levels of neurotransmitters associated with happiness and bonding, while reducing chemicals associated with distress. She was seemingly so healthy. Just as some people are shy and insecure, some dogs and puppies are too. The first time i did this i held him for about was like 15-20 seconds, i went up to a minute when he was really a land sharking.

I’m referring to demanding, rude dogs. Dog trainers use the word “threshold” to describe when a dog crosses from one emotional state to another. Along with their high intelligence, labs possess a superb handler focus and the grit to keep working even when it’s tough. She seems a little stronger since i started this but still shows signs of dehydration.   that being said, there are all different temperaments of dogs, from very bold and naturally confident to very soft and unsure. 3 dangerous mistakes that most vizsla owners make when they are trying to cure their dogs' separation anxiety and how you can avoid these mistakes. Would either of these alters help our issue. He does it predictably at two certain times - around eating time and in the morning after breakfast. Beginning, but must be built based on mutual confidence and respect rather than.

By the time your pup is about four months old, he should be able to make it through the night without going outside. What is the average number of puppies in a litter of boxer puppies. I have seen many many dogs trained this way and sure they will fight it at first, but not one has taken longer than 15 or 20 minutes to figure out to knock it off. I thought it was really cute so i didn't try to find out where it's old home used to be.   so lets get back on course; how do you potty train your puppy.

In addition to studies of how cognition can affect working dog performance, she is currently engaged in research on neurodevelopmental and neurological disorders, investigating the dog as an animal model for social behaviors relevant to these disorders. Dominance aggression is a manifestation of. We will start in the morning. Give your cat some dog chew toys made of plastic for it to chew on. An outdoor temperature that feels downright balmy to one dog might send another in search of shelter. Read the intent of a predator, and to use the minimum measures. I carry “stop that” spray when i walk my dog because off leash dogs run up to us all the time in our neighborhood where dogs are supposed to be leashed.

The video shows matyas had the right instincts in a potentially dangerous situation. Despite all indications to the contrary, you're suddenly in the hot seat – and your boss is telling you so to your face. It was important to me that he realized a friendly from an enemy at an early age. There is risk the uterus. Great, i appreciated her time, she took care of the kevlar-vest and the e-collar. Providing support to many student groups and student activities;. He also employs teen as a dogger. "psychology as the behaviorist views it is a purely objective experimental branch of natural science. Necks of the little free spirits and introduce them to the realities of. Be sure not to hurt or intimidate your puppy.

Many people simply do not mention their dog's changed lifestyle to their veterinarians, believing it is just "old age. Millan then usually offers suggestions on how the owners may alter their own habits to become a "pack leader" for their pet. One of the things that is great about tripe stick is that it is stinky and dogs love it. Warning – be careful when you leave your beagle outside on his own. We have had him close to a week now, and he isn't getting much better with the crate. Here’s a list of things to steer clear of:.

And if you don’t understand or agree with what’s being asked of you, “don’t be confrontational — ask a question,” he says.

Watch My Chops Dog Training
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Watch My Chops Dog Training
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Watch My Chops Dog Training
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Watch My Chops Dog Training
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